Rest-eau-café LAGO Mons Piscine du Grand Large

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  • Gratis Wi-Fi
  • Kindermenu
  • Kinderstoel
  • Microgolf
  • Tekengerief aan tafel
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Bij Lago Mons kan je terecht na een leuke namiddag waterplezier. Ontdek er de vele suggesties, burgers, pasta's,...

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Jamie Johnston 20 augustus 2020 bij 08:45

Been a while since I’ve been swimming here, but it’s just as I remember. Very clean, a good locker system and a nice clean, big pool.

Gbenga Odunjo 20 augustus 2020 bij 08:45

Best Piscine around. My daughter and I had a nice time at this swimming pool. They have the wellbeing area for Sauna etc.

Ethan Harpur 20 augustus 2020 bij 08:45

Really good slides with great facilities lovely lifeguards and very short queues. It is very nice and warm. I visit here with my family almost every couple of months when I’m visiting from Ireland to see my dad who works in Mons.

Jean-Michel Noe 20 augustus 2020 bij 08:45

Place to be if you want to swim around Mons. Multiple swimming pool connected. Indoor and outdoor. Affordable. When 25 degree and plus, expect long queue: yes they all have the same idea than you that day.

INTK Moore 20 augustus 2020 bij 08:45

My daughter (2years old) always has fun there. And since they made new improvements and added 2 slides for grownups (or children 8 year and up i believe) and an extra kids/baby pool with water toys, the place is fully packed during school brake.
It is fairly clean since they made all of the above improvements, they actually cleaned the place up.
The only downside is that the changing booths are extremely small and people are “fighting” over the “family designated booths” (because there are only 2 or 3) due to the fact that they are a bit larger and you have 2 benches inside instead of one. Thank God for the Pull-up Diapers, because i got to one of the larger booths only once in 2 years i’ve been going there. LOL
All in all, it is a fun place for kids when there is a typical rainy Belgian weather outside! I recommend it.